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Made By Construction Industry Pros in The U.S.A.

The Short Version

TruckIT was built by a construction industry veteran who was tired of dealing with traditional hauling methods.


The Longer Version

TruckIT was founded in 2014 by two lifelong friends. One is a veteran general contractor + fleet owner and the other a software developer + technology startup entrepreneur. Familiar with the frustrations associated with existing hauling processes, TruckIT was conceptualized to bring easy-to-use technology solutions to the industry for the benefit of haulers, contractors, and material producers alike. 

Today, TruckIT supplies game-changing hauling solutions by providing the following: 

  • Streamlined fleet management and dispatching
  • Improved workflow efficiencies through increased visibility and communication
  • Automated manual processes through paperless ticketing, analytics, and real-time reporting

All of these solutions accelerate customer growth by centralizing and simplifying business operations. We’re proud of our work and how it positively impacts our diverse user base, whom remain top-of-mind with every product development we introduce.

TruckIT is headquartered in Midtown Atlanta - the epicenter of the Southeast's booming tech hub.


Learn more about TruckIT’s technology, our commitment to our customers, or schedule a demo with one of our reps for a personal walk-through of our software.

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