TruckIt For Contractors, Built By A Contractor

Tired of the frustrations tied to the hauling industry…

A General Contractor founded TruckIT to solve his own hauling problems by providing turnkey solutions for every side of the industry

We create the competitive advantage Contractors need to plan ahead, better manage projects, free up man hours, and deliver on time and on budget.

Top Features for Contractors

TruckIT Job Boards

Never worry about filling your next job. We bring the work to you.


Real-time monitoring for truck location, ETA's, and loads delivered.

Contractor Mobile App

Order trucks anywhere, anytime from the palm of your hand. Always have to trucks you need, when you need them.

Driver Ratings & Insurance Compliance

TruckIT verifies and collects COI's for proof of insurance to provide our contractors peace of mind.


OCR technology scans your scale house tickets and auto-saves them for electronic filing.

Digital Tickets

No more paper tickets to manage. Digital tickets are available instantly to verify work, reconcile tickets, and resolve disputes quickly.

Automated Invoicing & Automated Payments

TruckIT takes over the burden of paying drivers — we handle it for you. And you get one invoice from us.

Smart Data

TruckIT provides all your project data, giving you visibility to cost and performance information to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. 


I've done the math. We spend 20-30 hours every week on manual ticket entry and reconciling pounds of paper tickets. We'll increase revenue by 40% with TruckIT's digital ticketing and TicPic technology.

— Justin Weathers | VP | Southern Logistics


See how we fit your unique business needs.


Who's It For

Whether you’re a civil contractor, a highway contractor, or just need a load of rock, having a reliable fleet for aggregate pick-up and delivery is critical to efficient business operations.


Trucks On Demand

TruckIT provides access to a large pool of vetted haulers at your fingertips. No more hours spent calling multiple haulers. Your jobs are created on-demand and fulfilled by our network of available haulers, or your preferred network.

View TruckIT's Packaging Options

TruckIT pricing packaging

We offer competitive packages with no long-term commitment for businesses of all sizes.


Learn more about TruckIT’s Contractor Mobile App.

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