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The TruckIT platform empowers companies to deliver freight more effectively and see increased ROI.

Case Study

Large capital improvement project at a major interchange in Atlanta. Project required 1.5 M tons of aggregate delivered over 18 months to 50 different retaining wall locations with 100+ drop-off points.

7.2 4.9

Increase of loads per day per truck

134.42 94.10

Increase of tons per day per truck

$905.82 $731.05

Increase of Pay per day per truck

2 hours 5 hours

Time spent daily manual dispatch


Time saved reconciling weekly tickets

Since our switch, we have seen a marked improvement in our supply process. Total daily tonnage shipped per truck has increased 20%-30%.  Scheduling, speed and accuracy of delivery, invoice reconciliation and process controls have all been greatly streamlined. -Heavy Civil Highway Contractor (Atlanta, GA)

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