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TruckIT’s in-house development and engineering teams are dedicated to reinventing hauling and logistics as we know it. We prioritize hiring impassioned team members who believe in our products. Our entire team feels rewarded and motivated seeing our technology directly improve industry workflows. We're privileged to witness those results first-hand. Our teams are revolutionizing antiquated hauling processes, and more importantly we're empowering TruckIT customers to scale their businesses through our tech.

— Pace Davis | CEO | TruckIT


The heavy equipment industry's leading technology supporter, BuiltWorlds, recommends TruckIT as a top IoT solution for connecting your jobsite.


TruckIT Technology

Machine Learning / AI

  • Automated dispatch
  • Backhauling - Full transparency on turnaround times and live updates
  • Route optimization - Enhance hauling efficiencies with active job
  • Eliminate paper tickets and manual record keeping
  • Location-based suggested job pricing
  • AirTicketTM - Hardware meets software for e-ticket automation
  • Fleet Logistics - Improve fleet operations and asset management

API / Marketplace

  • TruckIT Marketplace - Thousands of on-demand hauling jobs on our vetted network
  • Automated dispatch - Earn back hours spent on this manual process
  • FastPay - TruckIT removes the burden of overdue contractor payouts by handling them ourselves, and drivers get paid fast

Analytics / Business Insights

  • Jobsite Optimization - Make informed decisions with business insight reporting
  • Detailed Project Data - Provides visibility into cost and performance
  • TicPic & Digital Tickets - Earn back countless hours spent on manual filing
  • AirTicketTM - Never misplace another scalehouse ticker again

IoT / Telematics

  • Driver Behavior
  • RaceTrackTM - Real-time tracking means you never worry about your drivers’ location, ETA, turn times, and loads delivered

Questions? Reach out to the TruckIT Tech Team to grab more info.


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