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TruckIT’s in-house development and engineering teams are dedicated to reinventing hauling and logistics as we know it. We prioritize hiring impassioned team members who believe in our products. Our entire team feels rewarded and motivated seeing our technology directly improve industry workflows. We're privileged to witness those results first-hand. Our teams are revolutionizing antiquated hauling processes, and more importantly we're empowering TruckIT customers to scale their businesses through our tech.

— Pace Davis | CEO | TruckIT


The heavy equipment industry's leading technology supporter, BuiltWorlds, recommends TruckIT as a top IoT solution for connecting your jobsite.


TruckIT Technology


  • Pricing engine uses Machine Learning / AI to provide market-driven intelligent job pricing
  • Automated Dispatching streamlines and expedites the manual dispatching processes 
  • Maximize fleet utilization through AutoFill
  • Systematic inventory control via AutoOrder

real-Time connectivity

  • Single technology platform connecting contractors, dispatchers, haulers, and material producers digitally using the equipment in your hand / on your desktop
  • TruckIT’s RaceTrackTM provides real-time tracking of drivers’ location, ETA, turnaround times, and loads delivered
  • AirTicketTM instantly links scale house data feeds to a digital ticket
  • Hardware solutions integrate with existing sensor technology platforms to provide IoT connectivity tailored for the hauling industry

Advanced Analytics

  • Make informed decisions with business insight reporting including identifying and reducing process bottlenecks
  • Provides visibility into cost and performance and productivity yields across jobs and haulers
  • Monitor and derive insights on driver behavior to maximize job-site and road safety

Backoffice automation

  • The TruckIT portal provides blockchain-driven system-of-record for all parties involved, reduces the back-office burden and allows for efficiency in payments (FastPay)
  • Digital AirTicketTM offering eliminates the complications and losses resulting from the use of paper tickets
  • AI-driven ticket reconciliation process
  • API connectivity to link existing systems in the most efficient manner

Questions? Reach out to the TruckIT Tech Team to grab more info.


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