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TruckIT is a versatile Hauling Management technology. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes. We understand no one knows your business better than you, so we give our customers the power to choose the best fit for their specific needs.

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AirTicket™ is TruckIT's fully automated e-ticketing software installed at the scale house. It provides a secure paperless ticketing system for accurate and real-time record-keeping, reconciliation, billing and hauling project management.

Advanced Dispatch & Fleet Management

Automate manual processes and streamline your fleet management for contractors, haulers, material producers, and material consumers. TruckIT’s software provides DOT-compliant e-ticketing solutions, advanced dispatch, millings management, GPS monitoring, real-time load monitoring, and more. Using TruckIT’s mobile app and/or web portal, users can effectively manage projects and their fleets along with third-party haulers.


Unlimited access to TruckIT’s key performance-enhancing solutions and digital tickets. Order trucks on-demand for daily use, or scale your existing fleet by choosing from thousands of vetted haulers or from your preferred network. Job orders post to TruckIT’s Marketplace, a full-service job board where COI-verified haulers view and accept posted jobs.


TruckIT Marketplace

Access thousands of jobs or thousands of vetted haulers

Dispatch & Fleet Management

Independent of the TruckIT Marketplace

Live Maps & RaceTrack™

Real-time monitoring of truck activity, ETA projections, turn-time insights, GPS-based map locations

Digital Tickets

Digital ticket reconciliation and reporting

Advanced Analytics

Increase efficiency with in-depth performance metrics

Yield Reporting & Insights

Access to daily and monthly performance dashboard

Payment / Billing Summary

TruckIT directly handles all invoicing and remittance so you don't have to


Keep what you have and integrate with your other business systems for streamlined efficiency

Pricing Model

Aside from standard TruckIT fees, there is no additional charge to contractors or haulers. No long-term, fixed commitment.

Pricing determined on a per-load or per-truck basis. No long-term, fixed commitment.

ADD-ONS(Available with any offering)


Patent-pending paperless scale house ticketing for automated back office


Wireless and wired beacons and sensors

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