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TruckIT  offers cutting-edge software to empower haulers, brokers, contractors, and suppliers like you. Streamline your operations and accelerate success with us by your side. Together, let’s drive towards a brighter future.

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TruckIT provides productivity tools that are simple to use, solve operational challenges, and deliver meaningful results.  Behind the scenes, TruckIT leverages advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing and IoT connectivity to advance wholesale digital transformation.

Is this your business?

Construction job foreman

Manage and operate high-value assets like heavy trucks and equipment, coordinate personnel in the field across distributed sites, frustrated by manual and paper-based processes, challenged by skilled labor shortages, manage complex logistics and materials, and are held to environmental, safety and other regulatory requirements.

Dump Truck

Manage and operate heavy trucks (Dumps, Ready Mix, Tankers, Volumetric, Roll-Offs etc.), frustrated by manual and paper-based processes, lacking visibility into daily operations to gain efficiency, while experiencing long order to cash cycles hindering your cash flow.

Concrete plant

Reactive production and inventory controls due to lack of visibility, experiencing slower order fulfillment, using legacy systems leading to poor asset utilization and inefficient delivery of material via owned and third-party trucking.

Environmental Symbol

Cleaning up contaminated sites is a complex, multi-phase process hindered by manual and error prone processes, limited project visibility and siloed data leading to amplified risk for partnered stakeholders and the community at large. Participate in consulting, excavating, transporting, tracking, and disposal of debris, unsuitable or hazardous materials.

Collaboration within the entire material chain of custody on complex infrastructure projects that can be disjointed with siloed data while trying to ensure safety and quality control.

Balancing and cultivating relationships with your customers and haulers in a high volatility business environment. Struggling to scale, increase capacity, and drive profitability due to utilizing labor intensive, manual processes relating to dispatching, delivery tracking, and ticket management.

No Need To reinvent the wheel.

Everything You Need
All in One Place.

Deliver more loads, faster… with less work. TruckIT’s partnerships and API driven software allows you to integrate best in class software and hardware technology for safety and trucking efficiency.

Optimized Dispatch

Intuitive platform built to deliver critical data to dispatchers in order to fill orders quickly with available drivers. AI-driven Smart Dispatch handles the fleet logistics for you.

mobile apps

In the office or the field, our mobile app caters to your role providing the functionality you need to get your job done.   Easy smart device navigation designed for iOS or Android operating systems.


Choose from our leading edge E-Ticketing solutions(AirTicket, Automatic-PIC, TicPic) to drastically reduce time spent managing paper tickets and streamline your back-office.


Delivering cutting-edge technology developed through customer collaboration and prioritizing the need to solve universal challenges significantly increasing user productivity.

fleet & project management

Operational visibility to effectively manage your fleet and/or projects increasing performance, productivity, and profitability.

material management

Managing the material chain of custody has never been easier whether you’re a contractor, material producer, or intake facility.  Automate material monitoring, yield, pacing, orders, and delivery.

business intel & reporting

Real-time actionable insights to gain efficiency, measure KPIi’s, and identify anomalies that may lead to potential issues.


TruckIT’s open API drives digital transformation by eliminating data silos integrating with existing business systems to provide a holistic solution for each of our unique customers.

No Need To reinvent the wheel.

Everything You Need
All in One Place.

Deliver more loads, faster… with less work. TruckIT’s partnerships and API driven software allows you to integrate best in class software and hardware technology for safety and trucking efficiency.

driving efficiency, performance, satisfaction

TruckIT’s innovative solutions optimize assets, automate manual processes, minimize human error, enhance employee, and site safety, lower costs, increase profitability, reduce fraud, lessen downtime, enhance routing, accelerate scheduling and delivery, minimize compliance costs, and more.


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Managing tickets


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Foremen. Dispatchers. Drivers. Backoffice. Inspectors. Scalehouses. Owners. Project Managers. Equipment Managers. Operators. Superintendents. Inventory Managers.

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Everything you need All in one place
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TruckIT’s solution is API driven.  It’s up to you to decide how you want to use our platform.  TruckIT can be implemented as a turn-key solution or choose from our product suite to complement your existing workflow and business systems to drive efficiency.

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